Lets make it official: there will be another FTD-litter this summer😍 I will repeat my B-litter with Gwen x Cinna! 


For this combination I hoped for pups with the sensibility and flexibility of Gwen 🧚‍♀️ and a little bit "bam boom bang"⚡️of Cinna, and for me it worked fantastic! I looove all of the first edition, they are all healthy and happy dogs. 💕


Thanks to Nadine to make this happen again and to Josephine Frey for designing my litter announcements!!!😘😘😘


*The tests for EAOD of Gwen and Cinna are on their way*


Mutter meines C-Wurfes wird FTD Born With Style *Lass* sein. Ich plane den Wurf für Sommer 2021! Pläne sind aber nur Pläne und können immer noch verändert werden. Weiter Infos folgen!